Fade Haircut, Toronto, ON

We can deliver the perfect fade haircut for a smooth and timeless finish.

At Vagabonds and Gentlemen, we have the training and experience needed to deliver a variety of men’s and women’s haircuts of all lengths and styles. One of our most popular options for men is the fade haircut. Its versatility is the reason for its continued popularity, as well as the many options you can consider for your perfect fade haircut.

Fade Haircut in Toronto, Ontario

In general, fade haircuts start close to the skin at the base of the neck and gradually fade out into a longer length, generally on the crown of your head. Usually, these transitions are smooth, and there are some basic variations, including:

  • High skin fade: This option has the most exposed skin, which may almost reach the crown of the head before it gets longer.
  • Medium skin fade: This option has some exposed skin and gets longer right around the middle of your head.
  • Low skin fade: This option has the least exposed skin, with short hair at the bottom and gradually longer hair as you get closer to the crown of the head.

Other options for the fade haircut are whether or not the lines are razor-sharp or more relaxed. Some may be less defined and more casual, while others are more tightly defined. One important thing to know about your fade haircut is that it will look its best when it is regularly maintained, usually every 6 weeks or so.

Fortunately, we offer convenient online and recurring scheduling to keep you looking great, and we can deliver the perfect fade haircut for a smooth and timeless finish. Call us or stop by our location in Toronto, Ontario today.